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Digital Skills

80% of the world’s professionals need upskilling by 2030.

Relying on recruiters to bring you digital talent is slow, luck-based and costly. Build your own by staying on top of emerging technology and arming people with the mindsets to take on anything.

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High attrition during change management

Digital transformation is typically limited to an excited C-suite, leaving the rest of the organization feeling left behind and confused.

Under investment in talent

Over-investment in technology plus under-investment in talent

This leads to wasting money on technology that no one can use.

Digital skills siloed within management

Digital tools siloed within management

Implementation of new tools is primarily within the ivory towers of senior management versus at the frontlines. Here, people handle day-to-day operations and customer experiences are directly impacted.

You can measure the difference


Save time through automation, leading to real-time cost savings


Improve organizational decision-making


Develop greater application of data, resulting in better ROI through superior decision making


See higher adoption rates of technology, minimizing waste on tools nobody uses


Increase employee engagement resulting in lower attrition during pivotal moments of transformation


Improved experience for your customers at all levels, leading to happier, consistent users

Customer Spotlight

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Customer Spotlight

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  • Tech


  • 830 Sales & Operations employees

The HP Digital Academy

  • Design thinking
  • Experience management
  • UX/ UI, web & content management
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Social selling
  • Data science
  • Agile project management


  • Unlimited app access
  • Curated Trails
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Learning Strategist
  • Unlimited livestreams
  • 149 Virtual Sessions with Tigerhall Thinkfluencers

Key Impact

  • 4 HP Thinkfluencers created micro-podcasts, scaling knowledge throughout their teams
  • 82% increase in innovation from below-SVP level
  • 96% understanding of SaaS within 6 months of curated journeys
  • 45 work processes automated in sales, operations and finance work flows
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