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How HP Turned Digital Skills Into Increased Innovation

Digital Transformation

HP Digital Skills

Before Tigerhall

  • Lack of Innovation From Bottom-Up

    Instead, relied on a top-down approach to innovation

  • Manual Work Processes

    No successful digitalization or automation of legacy processes

After Tigerhall

  • 4 HP Thinkfluencers created micro-podcasts, scaling knowledge throughout their teams

  • 82% increase in innovation from below-SVP level

  • 45 work processes automated in sales, operations and finance work flows applying design thinking to simplify processes, improving user experiences and creating time savings

Tigerhall is by far one of the best learning initiatives we’ve had for years across HP globally. The feedback is just fantastic and we keep adding on more teams to it. Employees are not just involved by leaders in this process of change, but also empowered to excel at their jobs and innovate by taking insights and applying concepts immediately as they carry out their jobs. This immediate impact towards real business challenges is why they are winning.

Rainer Rabenstein, Global Head of Sales Operations at HP

“Today, as we innovate to meet the needs of the changing world around us, we enter a defining decade for our company. A decade full of opportunity to advance our leadership..., to disrupt industries with our technology and IP, and to transform HP for the future.

And we will do it in ways that are aligned with our values – continuing to build one of the world’s most trusted brands; investing in our culture and talent so that HP remains a place where great leaders come to learn, lead and thrive; and making a sustainable impact on the markets and communities we serve”

The excerpt above was taken from a message sent to HP Inc’s 2021 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. More significantly, it’s a testament to the organisation’s continuous commitment to driving innovation and future-proofing its workforce.

“We all stand on the brink of a technological revolution that is fundamentally altering the way we live, work and relate to one another,” says Dusana Flores, Director Strategy & Planning, Sales Operations at HP. Within Tigerhall, she’s led Design Thinking programs for more than 1,000 sales and operations employees and can visibly see the shift happening in how people talk about and tackle projects. HP leaders like Dusana task themselves with imagining the future of work by designing development programs for a digitally savvy workforce.

The goal was simple. Create an internal culture centered around learning in order to succeed in whatever future comes their way.

Since May 2020, the organization has been working with Tigerhall, to evolve the mindsets and skills of its sales and operations leaders in Asia as the organization underwent transformation. The Tigerhall team designed and delivered a Digital Academy on design thinking, data science and UI/UX familiarity from some of industry’s most successful leaders in the relevant areas, including Darren Yong -Head of Client Development & Head of TMT, APAC at KPMG and Rajesh Kumar - CMO of UiPath.

Thanks to the success of the initial program, HP has subsequently rolled out Tigerhall to 7 more cohorts in the organization.

The HP Digital Academy

HP’s Digital Academy’s goal was to upskill global sales operations managers and leaders on design thinking, innovation and superb customer experience. The insights and skills gained empowered them to drive digital transformation initiatives at scale.

Key Areas of Social Learning

  • Leadership Development

  • Design Thinking

  • Experience Management

  • UX/ UI, Web and Content Management

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Social Selling

  • Data Science

  • Agile Project Management

Social Learning Approach:

Across the programs, HP’s leaders had the chance to tap into the minds of industry’s most successful people through engaging, interactive and actionable virtual sessions. From planning to execution, the Tigerhall learning strategists delivered programs that engaged employees and equipped them with the insights needed to solve real business problems. Over the past 3 years, 7 cohorts and 149 upskilling sessions have been held within Tigerhall SLP.

  • Design Thinking 2020
  • Experienced Managers Program 2021
  • Design Thinking India Dalian 2021
  • Design Thinking Global 2021
  • RPA program 2021
  • Design Thinking India 2022
  • Design Thinking Global 2022

Internal thought leaders like Dusana Flores, Director Strategy & Planning, Sales Operations also shared their hard earned knowledge by hosting their own sessions including a 3-part podcast series on Digital Skills exclusive to HP employees.

Micro-podcast 1: “Vision: Shaping your vision as a leader around a digitally skilled organization” joined by HP’s Tian Chong Ng (TC), Managing Director, Greater Asia.

Micro-podcast 2: “Connection: Making the connection and tying digital skills to real business challenges” joined by HP’s Yves Cabanac, Vice President of Digital Transformation

Micro-podcast 3: “Execution: Building a Digital Academy and measuring results of digital skill building” joined by Dusana and hosted by Yves.

The employees that have participated in the programs on Tigerhall walked away with Digital Academy certificates of completion and are actively encouraged to use Tigerhall as an always on social learning tool.


I'm thrilled we continue to invest in Tigerhall. "The true impact we make is if we solve a customer (external or internal) problem. Design thinking methodology teaches you how to do just that. #hpproud "

I am very proud to share that HP have WON an external award from Tigerhall for our Commercial Organization/Sales Operations Digital Academy program in the category of "Most Impactful Digital Upskilling". The competition was tough and we were up against some other big hitters in global industry including AWS, Unilever, P&G, IDEMIA and Singlife with Aviva. This win underscores the importance of our strategy and ambition to future proof our digital capabilities by driving towards a modern, forward-thinking, personalized, and social approach to learning new digital skills.

"Podcasts really helped me improve my communication and also to use new words in my presentations."

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