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Create a culture of learning

Creating A Culture of Learning

A lack of learning opportunities is the #2 reason employees resign. Companies ranked best to work for preempt this by making learning a core component of their cultures.

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Low engagement

Low Engagement

Engagement around learning is a category problem. Corporate L&D initiatives globally see no engagement. We break that barrier through learning experiences very much like the social media channels you already love.

Outdated knowledge

Outdated Knowledge

Learn directly from real-world professionals, or Thinkfluencers, who are doing exactly what they talk about. Instead of academic theory or slow-to-update content libraries, you’ll pick up practical skills needed now.

No actionability

No Actionability

LMS systems don’t engage upskillers towards applying insights. These are glorified content databases, leaving insights without a practical way to try them.


Understaffed Internal L&D Teams

It’s hard to scale leader's time. It’s simple to scale content. For those who resort to one-size-fits-none solutions, you’ll love the cohort personalization, assignments and analytics features.

Unclear ROI

Unclear ROI of learning programs

It’s extremely common to have learning strategies disconnected from business objectives. Have clear ROI and directly influence performance.

Unenjoyable desktop interfaces

Unenjoyable desktop interfaces

Do we need to state the obvious? It’s 2022 and your talent is primarily engaging on their mobile phones. We bring learning to you, in formats you want. Desktop access is still available.

You can measure the difference


91% adoption rate

✍️ 📅

13X time spent learning per user, per week


Reduced employee turnover

⬆️ 💼

Higher rate of promotion or job movement

📖 💪

99% of users apply what they learn


Scaled tribal knowledge from your own leaders

In-demand areas of development

  • Data & Tech
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Productivity
  • Creative & Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales enablement
  • Transformation, Innovation & Change

Becoming an Effective

First Time Manager

  • 👔

    Ready to Get Promoted to That Leadership Role?

  • 💼

    Stepping Up to Your First Managerial Role

  • 📖

    Getting Teams to Align

  • 💬

    Group Mentorship or Livestream

  • 🙅‍♀️

    When Someone Says “That’s Not My Job”

  • Rudy Abrahams

    Conversation with  Rudy Abrahams, VP, Digital Transformation, SAP

  • 😱

    When Someone in Your Team Makes a Big Mistake

Driving Better Client Discovery for

Sales Team

  • 👨‍💼

    LinkedIn Mastery for Sales & BD

  • The Art of Asking Good Questions in Client Meetings

  • 🖐

    Ask Better Questions to Solve Business Problems

  • 🤨

    Think that Client Meeting Went Well? Think Again

  • 🤝

    Client Meeting: Make Them Trust You

  • 🕵️‍♀️

    Reading Clients in a Sales Meeting

Driving Transformation for

Senior Leadership

  • 🧠

    How to Think Big

  • 💼

    Unexpected in Business: 
Ride the Waves of Change

  • 💬

    Group Mentorship or Livestream

  • 🧗

    Large Organization: 
First Step to Being Agile

  • 💪

    Resilience as a Leader in Times of Turmoil

  • 🖋

    Decision Making as a Leader

Customer Spotlight

Signlife with Aviva logo
Use Case

Customer Spotlight

Signlife with Aviva logo


  • Insurance


  • 1450

Key Development Focuses

  • Wellness & mindfulness
  • Learning Agility
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Creativity & Innovation


  • Unlimited app access
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Learning Strategist
  • Livestreams featuring Singlife Business Leaders
  • 3 Virtual Sessions with Tigerhall Thinkfluencers

Key Impact

  • 26 curated trails built 
in alignment with 
their goals
  • 99% of users apply their learnings within 
2 months
  • 84% of users said that Tigerhall improved their work performance


  • “I am able to bring more positive thinking and enable the team to think strategically. I’ve aligned my thinking and goals for the team and our contribution to the company.” - Stella Tan
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  • Curated Thinkfluencers' Session Design and Coordination

  • Curated Livestreams Design and Support

  • Personality Assessments

  • Individual & Group Mentorship Sessions

  • Full End-To-End Logistics Management