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Ramona Kit Yeen Raj | Bill Weber

Livestream: A Blueprint to Level Up With Confidence

May 15, 2024 | 29m

Feeling overwhelmed when starting something new? Whether entering a new role, industry, or simply expanding your skills, this livestream will help you craft an effective, personalized learning journey. Join Bill Weber, Director, Business Building, 3M Ventures at 3M as he shares strategies to help you choose what to learn and go about it in a structured manner. He'll walk you through how to identify objectives, build a knowledge taxonomy, tap into your networks, and cultivate mindsets to help you overcome fears you may have. You’ll also discover how to reduce the overwhelm by breaking down vast topics into bite-sized chunks and finding entry points that excite you.


Ramona Kit Yeen Raj

Lead Solution Architect & Content Strategist - US



Bill Weber

Director, Business Building, 3M Ventures




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