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Power Bite: Tips for Impact-Driven Productivity

Sep 13, 2022 | 5m


Tips for Impact-Driven Productivity

The Myth of Productivity

If you look up the definition of productivity, you’ll likely see a lot around getting more done in less time. Productivity is commonly seen through the lens of time and how efficiently time is used. How can we redefine that? Let’s take a very strong empirical example that we’re all living through right now.

Today, a majority of the workforce is working from home. Often, I hear people say that they’re more productive at home and are able to get more done because they don’t have to step out anywhere and therefore can achieve more. According to many of them, they end up working more at home, compared to the office because there may not be a clear boundary between work and other aspects of life. However, although they’re working a lot, seem to be more busy, and getting more things done, it doesn’t necessarily equate with being productive.

Despite people feeling busier working from home, there haven't been any big jumps in organizational measures of productivity in the past two years.

What then, is productivity? There’s a more holistic definition to be explored here. Productivity is about having an impact in your role, and also in your life. It’s about being able to achieve your goals, while actively screening out the noise of ‘busy-ness’ from your days. It’s about carving time out for yourself, while making sure that you're still delivering what you need to, creating an exceptional impact without being stretched and exhausted. So, I would encourage everyone to create a personalized definition of productivity for yourself.

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