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Multiple Thinkfluencers (3)

Lizi Hamer | Ali Shabaz | Scott Woodward

Power Bite: Creativity & Discomfort Zones


If you’re asked to imagine a creative person, chances are you’ve pictured someone in a ‘creative’ field like the design or the arts. Yet, creativity is a skill that everyone can and should build. It is after all, as Sir Ken Robinson, the speaker behind the 2006 viral TED talk defines: the process of having original ideas that have value. So, what’s stopping more people from building this skill? For one, it’s easier not to. A big part of getting creative and developing ideas involves learning to thrive in discomfort and embracing disagreements. But ask yourself: can you afford not to? To help you get started, three creative thinkfluencers break down mindsets and habits you can build today.


Lizi Hamer

Former Creative Director | Former Senior Art Director

Octagon | Saatchi & Saatchi


Ali Shabaz

Former Chief Creative Officer

M&C Saatchi Group Singapore | Publicis Groupe


Scott Woodward


National Geographic | Vogue | GQ