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Goodbye, Comfort Zone

Dec 2, 2020 | 7m

Gain Actionable Insights To:

  • Why your ego might be your own biggest barrier 
  • How he went from a non-athlete to running an Ultramarathon in a year
  • What you can do to bring the spirit of curiosity to the workplace

The Case for Risk-Taking

“Get out of your comfort zone” has become a bit of a tagline nowadays. Everyone loves to claim that they do it, but how many of us actually make it a priority in our lives? 

For me, getting out of my comfort zone was not a choice – it was a necessity. Coming out of school, I didn’t have the funds to attend university. My background of disadvantage pushed me to jump into whatever I could to make money. Since then, I’ve been living in a space of constantly pushing my own limits. When I started to realise the immense potential that existed outside my comfort zone, I simply had to keep going. 

Getting out of your comfort zone is the best investment you can make to yourself. It forces you to go beyond your perceived limits and reach new heights. Importantly, you gain a better understanding of yourself,  questioning how much you’re able to achieve, and how much further you might be able to push. In the world of business, where limits get tested every day, the more confident you are in playing outside your comfort zone, the more you’ll have the upperhand. 

Of course, some people are just primed to constantly seek new experiences. I’m one such person who gets bored very easily outside of work. I constantly need to have new experiences. This helps me keep going, stay interested, stay creative. 

Switching Things Up

In my career, I’ve hopped between various industries. Typically, people worry that they’ll be perceived negatively, or even seem less credible. I hold the view that my varied experience is actually my biggest advantage. I’ve gained valuable insights from my various roles in different industries, which I reinvest into what I am currently doing. I am also able to connect the dots very quickly.

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Mike Eksteen

Former VP, Digital APAC




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