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What Does a Successful White Guy in Tech Know About Self Doubt?

Mar 6, 2024 | 37m

Months ago, when Tigerhall CEO, Nellie Wartoft, was explained the concept of this podcast series ‘Tiger Therapy’, almost the first thing out her mouth was “you have to speak to Rick Harshman.” Originally from the US, Richard “Rick” Harshman has had a string of major leadership roles in tech across Asia Pacific and Japan. Most recently he was President and SVP at UiPath, prior to this, MD at Google Cloud and Head of ASEAN at Amazon Web Services (AWS). What struck us about this, is we would never have picked someone with his profile for a conversation about self doubt. (Putting our hands up here to own our bias.) Nellie knew something we didn’t - that Rick is incredibly reflective, self aware and certainly has a thing or two to share about self doubt. This episode covers family, culture, burnout, imposter syndrome, leadership during Covid - and much more. Thanks so much Rick for coming on Tiger Therapy. This is the season two finale for Tiger Therapy - Pippa will be back with more deep dive conversations with extraordinary people in a few weeks!


Rick Harshman

Former SVP & MD, APAC & Japan




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