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The Playbook: Sales in Southeast Asia

Aug 31, 2019 | 19m

Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia couldn’t be more diverse but building professional relationships to close deals in these countries involves a lot of commonalities. Rakesh Krishnamuti runs a strong sales team that is billing millions across the region, show you how. He even highlights what to avoid and explains why you should say you “don’t know” with confidence.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How sales within the SEA is different country to country
  • Why relationship building in sales is so important in this part of the world, and the hardest part of building relationships in a sales role
  • Few things you should avoid if you want to build a good rapport, and obstacles that will always be a part of the sales job
  • What makes sales professionals doubt that they can succeed
  • Whether you should let go of the concept of losing face or if it is best to still hold on to it in some cases
  • Which market in SEA is the easiest to sell in and which one is the hardest to sell at

Hosted by Regina Zhiyenkulova


Rakesh Krishnamuti

Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships | Former Country Manager for Singapore and Malaysia

Mastercard | PayPal



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