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Startup Investment: Finding the Rising Stars (A 2-Part Podcast)

Jul 15, 2019 | 28m

The early investors of Apple, Facebook, and Google have received impressive returns on their investments. But with the countless start-ups popping up every day, how do you find the needle in the haystack? Will Klippgen helps you in your pursuit by highlighting which business models to look out for, how to evaluate the founding team of the start-up, and even how you can portray yourself as an attractive investor to founders.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 - Evaluating the Company:

  • The types of business models you should invest in
  • How important the monetisation and revenue of the company you're evaluating is, and at which stage you should care about these different aspects
  • How important the founder of the start-up is

Episode 2 - Assessing the Team:

  • Important characteristics to look out for in a founding team
  • Why you shouldn't care about a nice looking deck when you're evaluating a company to invest in
  • Portraying yourself as an attractive investor to founders

Hosted by Nellie Wartoft


Will Klippgen

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Cocoon Capital



Investing Intelligently