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Is ‘Simultaneous Thinking’ the Trick to Get More Done?


Many of us tend to sequence our lives thinking, “I’ll do this once I’ve done that”. Nissan Joseph argues that by doing so, we miss a lot of opportunities for productivity and speed. He attributes much of his success to mastering simultaneous - rather than sequential - thinking. He explains his philosophy for how he carries out both short and long-term projects in this way.


Nissan Joseph

CEO | Former MD and VP, South Korea, India and SEA

Metro Brand Limited | Crocs


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Nissan’s definitions for sequential versus simultaneous thinking - and why the latter is not the same as multi-tasking
  • The question to ask yourself to work out if you could be tackling tasks differently
  • Common pitfalls to simultaneous thinking and how to avoid them

Hosted by Divya Nair


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