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How To Be Empathetic Without Seeming Soft

Oct 4, 2023 | 11m

Is it possible to practice empathy without sacrificing on assertiveness? In this podcast, Mimi debunks the myth of "soft" empathy, and explains how empathy is much more of a strength than it is a weakness. In this conversation, you'll get some actionable tips for how to start making use of this highly underutlilized superpower that anyone can tap into.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Employing empathy as a high-level skill for negotiation, communication, debate, and more
  • How successful leaders use empathy to their advantage without coming across as soft
  • Avoiding the potential pitfalls people may face when attempting to practice empathy


Mimi Nicklin

Bestselling Author | Consultant | CEO

Empathy Everywhere



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