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How Can Sales Teams Work With Pre-Sales Teams Better?

Apr 29, 2024 | 15m

Sales and pre-sales, two peas in a pod, right? If only! If you're a leader of one of these teams who wants to better collaborate with the other, this is the podcast for you. Dive into intricacies of aligning two powerhouse teams as Sandeep unveils the secrets to synergy, overcoming friction, and sculpting a harmonious union that spells success for the entire organization.

Learn More About:

  • Aligning leadership goals and KPIs between sales and pre-sales teams
  • Addressing potential conflicts arising from differing motivations
  • Effectively communicating upward in the hierarchy during escalations

Hosted by Kevin Langhauser


Sandeep Madhavan

Head of Global Pre-Sales, Networking Business Unit

Dell Technologies



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