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How a Female Tennis Umpire Broke the Glass Ceiling

Feb 24, 2021 | 20m

It didn’t matter that Donna was one of the few women in a male-dominated industry, she took her career by the reins and became one of the world’s only two female Golden Badge Chair Umpires. She shares her story of triumph with Simon Taufel, previously the no.1 cricket umpire in the world, and the mindset she had that helped her blow through the glass ceiling in her industry.

Gain Insights Into:

  • The mindset you need to have in order to grow from your mistakes
  • Why humility is important no matter how high up you go
  • Donna’s 3C's for self-improvement

Hosted by Simon Taufel, former global no.1 cricket umpire


Donna Kelso

WTA / Grand Slam Supervisor

Women’s Tennis Association



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