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Create Viral Marketing Campaigns


Are viral campaigns a combination of sheer luck and a truckload of marketing budget? Or is there actually a secret sauce to making your campaign go viral? Madhav Nayak explains what makes content go viral, what you should do when your content is viral and how the social currency of social media impacts the results.


Madhav Nayak

CMO, KFC Asia | Former Senior Global Marketing Director

Yum! Brands | Unilever


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The motive behind creating a contagious marketing campaign
  • Key elements to keep in mind while trying to create a contagious marketing campaign
  • What the next steps are, once a marketing campaign succeeds at being contagious in nature
  • The kind of research marketers should be doing in order to create contagious marketing campaigns
  • The tools outside of your own company that you should be using

Hosted by Prachi Panda


Influencer Marketing