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An Olympic Coach’s Strategy for Going from Good to Great

Feb 15, 2021 | 18m

“Good” just doesn’t cut it at the Olympics. You’ve got to be outstanding. Chris Nunn, International Consultant for the International Olympic Committee and former coach of the Australian Paralympic team, speaks with Simon Taufel, previously the no.1 cricket umpire in the world, about the mindset he drills into his top athletes, and how you can apply it to achieve Olympic-level greatness in your life.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The most powerful asset for achieving greatness
  • Why challenging yourself means learning to be uncomfortable
  • Chris’ “Wheel of Life” exercise that can help you weed out your weaknesses

Hosted by Simon Taufel, former no.1 cricket umpire in the world


Chris Nunn

International Consultant

Olympic and Paralympic Committees



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