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Choosing the perfect instructor for your talent development initiatives

Have you ever tried walking in shoes that are too big or small for your feet? It might hurt, it definitely slows your movements down and you can’t go very far without tripping once or twice. Whereas a perfectly customized pair of shoes are comfortable, unique to your needs and would allow you to go the extra mile. Having the right instructor for your learning programmes is like having custom made shoes. When it comes to choosing an instructor for yourself or your employees, consider the three C’s:


Coaching is important in business environments, and role modelling is especially crucial so you or your employees have someone to look up to. A coach is someone who has the relevant experiences and is willing to be open about his or her ups and downs. Through these real-world experiences, they are able to transparently discuss their mistakes and the lessons they derived from their choices, rather than sharing technical or theoretical principles (they definitely should NOT be nagging you). Coaches are able to gain respect from their audience or mentees through their transparency, while inspiring them to continuously innovate and to also empower them to be proactive through stories rather than lectures.


It is pretty simple, you wouldn’t trust a man who has never repaired an aircon before to try to fix yours (what more if you had to pay him). You also wouldn’t trust a firefighter to operate on you. Nor would you learn how to dance from a professional chef. Similarly, we are only able to learn from or respect an instructor if they are credible (technical expertise as well as experience). More importantly, their credibility should also be relevant. For example, if your goal was to be an entrepreneur, it would be a lot more sensible for you to learn from an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in this field, rather than to seek wisdom from a martial arts master (although it is a very respectable profession). Going back to the analogy of your shoes: it is not wrong just because it isn’t in your size, it just simply is not a perfect fit for you.

If you are looking to improve your communication skills, look for someone who is known for being articulate. If you are looking to be a better manager, seek out for someone who is known for being a good leader. If you are looking to be a professional ballerina, go after someone who is known to be an elegant dancer.


You will remember a teacher who has inspired you more than the others because of their caring hearts and stories, it is the same for a career instructor. You benefit the most when your instructor has your best interests in mind - they consider your professional and personal aspirations, mental readiness and capacities - and pushes you to meet your best.

You will spend many years building your career and investing a lot of time to learn from people of different walks of life. This entire process of learning can be a lot more productive if you selected the right instructors who would coach you, have the right credentials and truly cared for you. Platforms like Tigerhall bridges this gap by allowing you to learn from the best and by helping you find a coach whom you can truly admire and learn directly from.

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