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5 Must-have Features of a Blockbuster Learning and Development Programme

The World Economic Forum revealed that 54% of the workforce will require upskilling and reskilling by 2022. Businesses have identified a variety of skills gaps that need plugging, including tech expertise, soft skills and relevant industry acumen needed to navigate the increasingly complex economy.

The tools and resources that organisations equip their employees with will therefore be crucial to business success. In addition to the quality of content, Learning and Development (L&D) programmes offered must also cater to the evolving habits of today’s tech-savvy professionals. This is a demographic that is frequently on the move and pressed for time. Here are five features an L&D programme must have to prepare employees for the rocky but exciting ride ahead:

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Convenient and Easy-To-Access Learning Content

According to recent research commissioned by Tigerhall, more than half of today’s professionals strongly value the convenience that they enjoy from using products and services. This trend mirrors how consumers operate in the digital age, where they have a wealth of resources available at their fingertips.

Tapping into digital platforms is an effective way to make learning more accessible for employees. Hosting content on commonly-used technology such as digital learning apps, for instance, can enable employees to learn anytime and anywhere - whether it is on the commute, while having lunch or even during weekends when they have more free time.

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Actionable Content

An effective L&D programme is one that provides users with insights that they can start applying almost instantly. By the end of a particular learning session, employees should be able to take back various lessons and tips that they can practice at work within the next 24 hours and beyond.

This can be done through offering targeted content that is focussed on enabling users to be better at their jobs. A short summary at the end of the session will also help to reinforce the key learnings and actionable steps to take.

PeterTriggs_29 Private Dinner with Peter Triggs, Former MD of DBS and a Tigerhall Thinkfluencer

Opportunities to Learn from The Best Industry Experts

The best teacher for professionals looking to improve in their jobs is an expert who has succeeded in the same industry. Employees stand to gain a wealth of insights and learnings from such experts who have the knowledge, nous and experience from earning a leadership position. Furthermore, these experts are also well-placed to help as they have risen up the ranks from junior positions in the past and know what it takes to be successful.

As learning sessions with busy senior executives are difficult to arrange, businesses can tap into platforms who already have an existing network of industry experts such as Tigerhall. A marketing manager who needs tips on running an online campaign, for instance, can plug into Tigerhall and listen to a podcast by Facebook’s APAC Head of Digital Marketing. With Tigerhall, professionals can also sign up for a myriad of virtual Group Mentorship sessions and private dinners to interact and learn directly from other seasoned business leaders on topics such as finance, leadership, management, technology and human resources.

headphones podcast Listening to a nine-minute Podcast on Tigerhall

Micro-Learning Formats

Designing engaging L&D programmes is proving to be increasingly challenging today with attention spans at an all-time low. Many employees find the lengthy learning sessions inconvenient and a hindrance to daily schedules. Traditional methods are therefore decreasing in popularity due to low engagement rates.

One effective way to cater to professionals today who have hectic schedules is to provide micro-learning formats that are easy to digest and are between 7 to 20 minutes long. A recent study revealed that organisations who equip employees with microlearning benefitted from a 63% increase in revenue as compared to their peers.

Customised Content

A one-size-fits-all L&D programme is no longer considered an effective strategy due to the diverse requirements of the workforce today. This is especially the case for large organisations where employees are spread out across different business functions and specialisations. A tailored L&D approach would provide greater benefits to employees as each of them require different learning materials to their colleagues.

In addition to job-related content, each individual has different priorities and goals they are aiming to fulfil, such as getting a promotion, earning more money or developing leadership skills. Investing in a customised L&D programme can help businesses cater to every individual in the company and support them in achieving their career and life goals.

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