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Steve Ng

Steve Ng

VP of Digital Platform Operations



With over 20 years of experience, Steve is a strategic leader who leverages on new technological solutions to transform organisations. In his current role as Vice President of Digital Platform Operations with Mediacorp, Steve evaluates new approaches and solutions to solving operational and security challenges. This involves harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms to detect and identify issues early in order to recovering services promptly. He oversees web, messaging, mobile, video and OTT, analytics and social properties. Steve and his team are exploring and developing Blockchain business applications at work while also creating interesting business and social use cases. Prior to this, Steve worked in various senior technology roles in companies such as Hitachi, Amazon Web Services and SanDisk. Steve is a BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect and presents at user forums on blockchain tech and apps, and brainstorming new use cases and projects.

By Steve Ng

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