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Patricia Enslow

Patricia Enslow

Former MD & CMO

Credit Suisse


An illustrious leader with over 30 years of experience, Patricia Enslow is a rare breed of a multi-talented strategic leader with in-depth knowledge of Wealth Management industry in Asia Pacific over 28 years. She spent 15 years in Citibank Private Bank, 11 years in UBS Wealth Management APAC and 2 years in Credit Suisse APAC. Her experience spans Strategy Development, Strategic Marketing, Banking Infrastructure, Talent Development, Sales Management, Communications and Marketing. She was recently the APAC Managing Director and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in Credit Suisse Asia Pacific Division. Prior to that, she was MD and Asia Pacific CMO in UBS Wealth Management APAC. She and her team were also responsible to create the UBS Wealth Management Campus which helped establish Singapore as the APAC hub of Wealth Management. In her 15 years in Citibank Private Bank in APAC, she led the Operations & Technology, Business Re-engineering, Professional Development, Marketing & Communications and Strategic Marketing in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Her earlier experiences were in Schlumberger, Royal Trust Merchant Bank and Price Waterhouse.

By Patricia Enslow

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