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Alex Cuthbert

Verified Thinkfluencer
Global Head of Design


Alex is a design leader who helps companies build world-class teams and launch high-impact products used by hundreds of millions of users around the world. He has a track record of amplifying the impact of teams by encouraging and mentoring design leaders, product teams & ICs to use a combination of analytics, research, and intuition to understand users, identify insights, and create world-class experiences.

His passion for design comes through in every aspect of his life as an enduring quest for cutting-edge innovation, excellence and craft. He has a technical & product background with experience across a diverse set of roles and product areas - primarily as a thought leader and innovator in international markets. These experiences give him a unique perspective and enable him to engage on projects at multiple levels (strategy, management, innovation, growth, research/analytics). Design at its best serves as a key differentiator for competitiveness and energizes entire organizations by focusing on customers' needs, relationships and values.