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Transforming Learning Experiences through Tigerhall and Livestreaming

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In today's business world, where everything moves at warp speed, companies are on the hunt for innovative ways to engage their employees and create effective learning experiences. Nellie Wartoft, the fearless CEO of Tigerhall, recently had a chat with Danielle Campbell, SVP, Global Enablement & Education at Infor, about how her organization has reshaped its learning approach by embracing the dynamic duo of Tigerhall and livestreaming.

The "What If We Do Nothing?" Box

Nellie and Danielle delved into the importance of having a "what if we do nothing?" box in a company's decision-making framework. Danielle's organization put this concept to the test by attempting to replicate the Tigerhall social learning experience internally, conjuring up podcasts, power reads, and live streams within their LMS. However, this approach was not as effective, leading the company to adopt Tigerhall.

“While considering the "what if we did nothing" approach, there was power in comparing experiences – similar to watching home makeover shows, where you never imagined the room could look that amazing. I believe that's where we stand with learning as well; we didn't know that learning could look like this and even fit in the palm of our hand.” - Danielle Campbell, Infor

Improved Learning Experience

By partnering with Tigerhall, Danielle's organization was able to shorten six hours of content to 90 minutes, skyrocketing productivity and user engagement. The platform empowered employees to easily access content while on-the-go and revisit trails and power reads whenever needed. This resulted in a massive improvement in the overall learning experience.

The ability to sit on a train during a commute and easily listen to what you need to know, then effortlessly return to it later, is invaluable. I've revisited several of the trails with ease, without having to search or sift through a million things.” - Danielle Campbell, Infor

Business Case for Tigerhall

The decision to adopt Tigerhall was driven by several factors, including an inventory of existing learning platforms and their associated costs, user adoption, and the ability to monitor platform activity. Tigerhall offered a more effective and engaging learning experience, with access to a wealth of thought leadership from various industries. This diverse content library complemented the organization's own transformation efforts.

Speed of Transformation

Tigerhall helped Danielle's organization accelerate the speed of transformation by offering quick access to relevant content and thought leadership. This allowed employees to stay informed about industry trends and best practices, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Tigerhall has played a crucial role in transforming learning experiences at Danielle's organization, Infor. By embracing livestreaming and creating an engaging platform for employees to access diverse content, the company has significantly revamped its learning and development approach. This has, in turn, contributed to the organization's overall transformation, enabling employees to better adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape.

[Listen to the full livestream.](https://tigerhall.com/content/streams/livestream-how-to-change-the-way-20-000-people-learn)

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