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Live Podcast Recording: Fear, Identity & The Untold Change Story of Blockbuster

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You might think you know what happened to Blockbuster, but do you truly? Join James Keyes, former CEO of Blockbuster and 7-Eleven, in a captivating live podcast recording where he separates fact from fiction, sharing lessons learned, career-defining moments, and practical strategies to help leaders embrace change as a catalyst for growth.

Education is Freedom

Written by James Keyes, Education is Freedom is a book that provides the “what,” “why,” and “how” of learning. It outlines the importance of education for all mankind, the power of education to change our world, and the wisdom to unlock our personal freedom while reserving our democracy.

Education is the one common denominator that separates those who are free from those who are trapped in their own reality. Someone can take your money, your material things, and your job… but they can’t take away what you know. With knowledge, you can replace anything lost, you can be free to explore the world, and are beholden to no one. Whatever challenges or adversity you face in life, embracing a learning mentality will empower you and set you free.

About James W. Keyes

James W. Keyes is a global business leader, philanthropist, educator, artist, musician, commercial pilot, and modern renaissance man. He is the former CEO of two internally recognized Fortune 500 companies, 7-Eleven, Inc. and Blockbuster, Inc. His other business interests cover a broad range of industries from retail, consumer products, technology, healthcare, cyber security, new space, energy, and advanced nuclear. He sits on several public company boards and serves as a board advisor to a venture capital firm and a number of start-up companies.

Keyes’ philanthropic initiatives have an equally broad focus, including serving a three-term seat on the Board of Governors for the American Red Cross, acting as the former Chairman of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and serving on the board of directors for institutions such as UT Southwestern Medical School, Cooper Institute, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Dallas Performing Arts Center, SMU Cox School of Business, Columbia Business School, and his alma mater, College of the Holy Cross. He has had a lifelong commitment to education, serving as a founding director of the Dallas Education Foundation and is the founder of the Education Is Freedom Foundation. Keyes is a personification of the American Dream, as he comes from humble beginnings. He was inducted in 2005 as a Member of the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans.

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