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Effectively onboard hybrid teams

Scale onboarding for remote and in-office talents with close-to-home content from your own leaders across departments.

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Lack of personalized onboarding

Lack of personalized onboarding

One-size-fits-none onboarding regardless of geography, function or seniority doesn’t work anymore. Personalize onboarding based on their role and responsibilities and set them up for success in hitting their goals.

Bad impression

Bad first company impression

Onboarding sets the tone for employee engagement and advocacy. Don’t treat this special touchpoint as a tick-box exercise. Squash any doubts by establishing high employee engagement from the start.

Leaders time is limited

Leaders' time is limited

It’s an inefficient use of senior leaders' time on repetitive onboarding procedures that should be automated. Easily scale knowledge through content and community within Tigerhall.

You can measure the difference:


Relevant onboarding experience with geography, seniority and skillset-based personalization


Shorter ramp-up time as new hires get up to speed faster through targeted onboarding trails


Increased employee engagement and NPS in year 1


Reduced waste of senior management’s time through automated and scalable onboarding


Improved employer branding due to a differentiated employee experience


Faster confidence in new teammates

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Discover Tigerhall’s Social Learning Platform in Action

  • Onboarding Sessions and Custom Grouping

  • Dedicated Engagement and Communication

  • Extended Reporting on Engagement Metrics, Progress Tracking and Insights

  • 24/7 Enterprise Support

  • Curated Thinkfluencers' Session Design and Coordination

  • Curated Livestreams Design and Support

  • Personality Assessments

  • Individual & Group Mentorship Sessions

  • Full End-To-End Logistics Management