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Unlock employee potential with Social Learning

Everything you need in one social learning platform to navigate change and build high performing teams.

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51xhigher engagement

99%of users apply what they learn

90%of users improve their work performance

Social-first Experience

A social learning experience where you learn from human beings, together with other human beings. Social interactions in feed - like, comment, start a discussion, tag others, join the conversation.

Think of Tigerhall as the social media of learning, where you get bite-sized, real-world, actionable insights from leaders and subject matter experts in your organization, industry trailblazers, and top executives from Fortune 500 companies. We’re putting a fresh spin on corporate learning that leaves traditional LMSs in the dust!

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True Social Learning

Tigerhall is the only social learning platform that combines subject matter experts in your organization, with global influencers across the globe, all while providing a familiar social user experience that we all know and love.

With Tigerhall, your teams can focus on true learning instead of just ticking off boxes.

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Tigerhall's Social Learning Approach

Audience Segmentation & Assignment Tools

Facilitate knowledge exchange within and between individuals, teams, and your organization, including cross-industry collaboration.

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Achieve Your Goals with Customized Learning Paths

Our Learning Strategy Team Develops Highly-targeted Paths to Achieve Specific Objectives, Such as Sales Enablement and Inclusive Leadership. Browse Our Content Library Today.

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Curated Trial on Communicating and Implement Change

Old L&D Technology Isn’t Working

Over $370 billion is invested in talent development every year. Less than 10% of employees actively engage with their LMS or LXP. SLPs increase employee engagement and unlock ROI for years to come


Learning Management Systems • 1924

Mandatory trainings


Learning Experience Platforms • 2012

Layer on top of the LMS for a better user interface and more personalization


Social Learning Platforms • 2020

Social knowledge sharing between humans, teams and organizations

Elevate your learning experience

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    What to expect:

  • Unlock the power of your priceless tribal knowledge

  • Say goodbye to traditional LMS and LXP platforms and embrace innovation

  • AI Machine Learning technology enables personalized learning experiences to cater to your team's specific needs

  • Enjoy mobile-first learning and a desktop option for convenience

  • Gain unlimited access to our on-demand library of 1000+ top corporate professionals to drive your team's skills forward

  • Facilitate live networking, community feeds, and discussions to promote collaboration and growth

  • Integration with Leading Psychometric Assessments

  • Dedicated team of Tigers to create learning paths and custom content