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How EY Developed Leaders With 100% Performance Improvement

Leadership Development

EY Leadership

Before Tigerhall

  • No Access to Real-world Insights

    Upcoming partners need relevant industry knowledge

  • Lack of Local Know-how

    Existing programs didn’t consider local markets and environments

  • Aspiration to Be Mobile-first

    Current programs were not accessible on-the-go

After Tigerhall

  • 100% of users applied insights in their day-to-day jobs

  • 100% of users feel they have improved work performance

  • 20 exclusive interactions with business leaders, partners and internal Thinkfluencers

  • 74% mobile-first usage by leaders in the flow of life, leading to 42 mins spent per user per week

We believe Tigerhall is a trailblazer. What they do is inspiring and it’s the way forward for EY Learning. There’s a whole Talent and Development team that works tirelessly to enable our leaders to provide exceptional EY experiences to our people, bringing us to Tigerhall.

- Elma Diala-Pangilinan, Global Talent Development Relationship Lead, APAC

EY was looking for a way to groom top talent into Partners who could think commercially and offer innovative solution to their clients. The EY Leadership Academy with Tigerhall was born and launched across two batches of high potential leaders.

Tigerhall Learning Strategists worked with Norfarahain Mohd Nor, ASEAN Leadership Development Lead and Nur Syaza Juhari, Talent Development Specialist to design a blended approach of internal knowledge sharing by EY leaders and and external knowledge through Thinkfluencers they admire.

Key Areas of Social Learning

  • Emerging Leadership Program

  • Customer Centricity

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Leadership & Executive Presence

Social Learning Approach:

Learning trails were made up of bite-size content that leaders could consume on the go such as livestreams, power reads, podcasts and live virtual session, mixing scheduled sessions with self-paced online content.

Each participant was also assigned an internal EY mentor who tracked their growth and engaged around insights learned.

Live sessions with EY Partners covered the following sectors:

  • Consumer & Retail
  • TMT
  • Govt and Public Sector
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Energy

Trail completion was the biggest success factor for EY, seeing 90% participant completion of all 3 trails and 65% using the app every week. About 23% of users time within Tigerhall was spent exploring other real-world insights outside of the program.

Client Centricity has continued to be the Trail of choice, with 5/5 content ratings and 100% of participates finding the content beneficial, leading to improved work performance.

At the end of the program, participants wrote a reflection paper detailing their learnings


"The client centricity topic really helped me to develop better questions for managing clients."

"I’ve now applied mindful leadership with the team and clients."

"I’ve incorporated tips on preparing and discussing winning proposals into my current role."

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