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Livestream: Ushering Your Organization into the Web3 Era

Dec 11, 2023 | 32m

There's an emerging thought process amongst leaders that Web3 will be a game-changing component in the future of business. John Kraski, Justin Shenkarow, and Charles Adkins, co authors of ‘The Future of Community: How to Leverage Web3 Technologies to Grow Your Business’ are joining us live to share perspectives on this topic from their upcoming book. Together with host Jivan Tulsiani, they’ll talk through the basic concepts of Web3, debunk stereotypes, and showcase interesting ways this technology can be applied in business contexts, with real-world examples. Expect actionable insights into blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized innovation that's changing the game across industries. Bring your questions and join us live!


Justin Shenkarow

Co-Founder | Actor & Producer

Future Proof | Three Point Zero Studios



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