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What Ancient Indian Mythology Can Teach You About Leading


What do Steve Jobs' and Lord Krishna’s leadership have in common? How can you tap into the ancient wisdom of ancient Indian mythology to be a better leader? Amish Tripathi, a renowned Indian author, and columnist translates concepts of leadership from Indian mythology to modern times. He talks about the importance of stories in cultivating balanced leadership, why context should be a key driver in decision-making, and why mythology (or Amish’s preferred Sanskrit word, Itihas, which is neither mythology nor history) favors change over rigidity.


Amish Tripathi

Bestselling Author, Columnist, Diplomat


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • What the current education ignores that mythology can address
  • Why following the rules as a leader may not always be the best decision
  • How to use concepts of viveka and dharma to be a more well-rounded leader


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