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What a CIO Wants: How to Approach a Sales Meeting


Are you a salesperson wondering how to stand out to a C-level you’re trying to sell to? Kshitij Mulay has been in a CIO role for almost nine years, and he shares his candid take on what he expects from a salesperson to whom he’s given his time. Discover how he suggests you go about the meeting, with actionable tips to build trust, establish rapport, and demonstrate knowledgeability so you go from being just a vendor to a trusted partner.


Kshitij Mulay

CIO, Asia | Former Global CIO, SK-II

Sephora (LVMH) | Procter & Gamble


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • One meeting that Kshitij and most CIOs will always take
  • How he tests whether the salespeople he's meeting are trustworthy
  • How to make sure the sales meeting represents a true exchange of value for both parties


Sales Skills