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Want to Go Viral? Cats Might Be Your Answer

Apr 27, 2020 | 7m

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Unique ways in which brands have used cats to positively impact their business
  • Why cats are such an enduring symbol across the world
  • How you can harness the power of cats in your next marketing campaign


The Fuss About Cats

More often than not we come across a video or a gif of a cat caught in the act, or being cute, or just acting plain silly. We can’t seem to formulate into words as to why we love these videos or gifs so much. What is it about these felines, really?

Cats are an emotion.

And their ability to evoke emotion is precisely why they’re such a favoured tool for marketers. Cats have both a functional and emotional association to them that brands can effectively harness to get their customers to feel things, share their content, and buy. Be it culturally, historically, or socially, there are certain powerful symbols attached to cats that can be drawn upon to create catchy campaigns.

Cats: A Brief History

If we look back at the previous century, we already see cats dominating proceedings. Cats have had significant contributions across cultures, societies and cities. The concept of using cats as household pest control has had much relevance during the 30s. In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped and considered sacred primarily due to its role in keeping pharaohs safe from venomous snakes and rats. The ordinary, household cat was seen by Egyptian locals to be the living incarnation of Bastet, a legendary cat that protects homes.

Today, cats are our first line of defence against household lizards, rats and even cockroaches. However, there’s more to our furry feline friends than just being a four legged pest control specialist; cats have historically been used for economic and social purposes, often at specific roles, such as helping to grow crops and protect valuable items in the house.

So how did these cats move from household aids to prized marketing tools?

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