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This is How You Crush Procrastination


If there is one habit that occasionally affects everyone, it is procrastination. How can you curb procrastination and become more efficient in how you approach tasks? Dr. Patrick Gannon, a Clinical Psychologist, who specializes in anxiety, trauma, and performance anxiety, reveals that fear, anxiety, and avoidance are at the root of procrastination. He details how exercise when adapted to incorporate a new technique he developed called Cardio Imagery & Rehearsal can be used to tackle procrastination.


Dr. Patrick Gannon

Clinical & Performance Psychologist

Soul Survivors


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Discovering your fears and anxieties that hinder you from accomplishing your goals
  • Learning how exercise can help you enforce new behaviour and solve problems
  • Stepping up to the plate and setting your mind to complete mundane tasks


Personal Productivity