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Striking Partnerships With a Larger Organization

Jan 27, 2021 | 9m

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The benefits of working with large organizations
  • How to pitch and communicate your ideas effectively
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with other organizations

Benefits of Partnering With Large Organizations

As a smaller company, partnering with larger organizations brings many advantages. Due to their scale and wide reach, getting the opportunity to work with larger companies is an extremely beneficial opportunity. For one, using the platform of larger organizations is extremely cost-efficient. The cost of acquiring a new customer through a large organisation publishing your promotion on their website or sharing your post on their Facebook page is often far cheaper than purchasing ads on Facebook or other forms of media buys. Getting the ability to access the scale and reach of large organisations can be extremely beneficial for this reason.

Secondly, working with larger organizations allows you to access audiences that your organization normally would not have access to. When MyRepublic contacted Sony PlayStation with the aim of starting a cross-marketing campaign, we were looking to market to the console gamer demographic. We knew that we had good access to the PC gamer crowd, but the console gamers proved elusive as there was not a strong physical show community in Singapore. A partnership with them would prove extremely valuable to MyRepublic.

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Marie Jeffredo-Ho

SMB Account Management Lead - SG/MY/PH | Former Head of Marketing (ANZ)

TikTok | MyRepublic



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