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Straight Up Ergonomics


Why is the advice “sit up straight” unhelpful and possibly even harmful for you? With most of us constantly bent over the phone texting, it’s easier than ever, to fall into poor habits that are harmful to our spines. Dr Katrina Gallagher, Doctor of Chiropractic, uses her experience in Singapore and the US to guide you through quick, accessible ways to protect your spine at work, in the gym, or snuggled up in bed.


Dr. Katrina Gallagher

Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Why yoga may not actually be for you and what exercises you should be considering
  • Why telling someone to sit up straight won’t really solve the problem and could make things worse
  • Implement good postural habits and techniques that support you through your 9-5 desk-bound job


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