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Overcome Negative Mindsets That Inhibit Productivity


Being successful in your daily life fully depends on how your thoughts and feelings affect your productivity. How can you redirect negative thoughts to uplifting thoughts to inspire you to tackle your challenges head-on? Dr. Patrick Gannon, a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in anxiety, trauma, and performance anxiety, shares the importance of keeping your emotions in check. He provides tools to recognize your emotions, dig deeper to discover what your feelings are telling you, and create a new script that can help you overcome negative mindsets.


Dr. Patrick Gannon

Clinical & Performance Psychologist

Soul Survivors


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Understanding how emotions play a role in your thought process
  • Asking yourself the right questions to discover what truly hinders your progress
  • Why multitasking actually isn’t going to make you more productive


Personal Productivity