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Mindsets to Lead Business Transformation

Dec 10, 2020 | 10m

You’re a C-suite executive in a company that needs to undergo transformation. How do you lead your teams to success, taking those first steps towards elevating your company to the next level? According to Pierre Robinet, Business Transformation begins with you. Pierre helps you define your objectives, empowers you to lead transformation internally, and explains why continually developing your leadership skills will help you see this challenging process through to the end.


Pierre Robinet

President Ogilvy Health ASIA | Former Managing Director, Southeast Asia

Ogilvy Asia | Ogilvy Consulting


Gain Actionable Insights into:

  • Common misconceptions about business transformation 
  • How to motivate employees to take ownership and embrace change
  • Why you should invest in improving your soft skills


For C-Suite Leaders Business Transformation