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How to Sell Blockchain and Emerging Tech

Apr 2, 2020 | 14m

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Talking to the right people from unexpected places
  • Key players driving adoption of blockchain and emerging technology
  • Why you should not leverage inflated hype for sales


Cut Through the Hype

Blockchain, AI, machine learning and other emerging technologies can revolutionise your organisation and streamline business processes – marketing soundbites like these are often used to promote and sell cutting-edge enterprise technology. However, you shouldn’t rely on them to drive successful tech sales, and businesses that easily fall for the hype also fall out of it just as easily.

In order to effectively sell tech and blockchain solutions to businesses, a more comprehensive approach is needed; one that accounts for the regulatory and business trends of the industry you’re selling to, that clearly maps out how the client can harness real value from buying your solutions.

Don’t treat blockchain as just a tech buzzword with which to inflate your press releases. If you can show your prospective buyer how the technology can create new business opportunities and customer segments using documented success stories, you’ll have a much easier time getting them on board. They’re also more likely to stay on board, which gives you a solid clientele, both for your current and future prospects.

Basics for a More Convincing Pitch

Even if you’re an expert on the technology you’re selling, would you be confident in succeeding if you went to the negotiating table without understanding your customers or the problems they’re facing? Before you open or close any sales, make sure you understand not only the client you’re speaking to, but also the industry they’re in. Take note also of the overall trends affecting that industry. These factors affect buyers’ outlook and can easily make or break your pitch if you don’t account for them.

If you’re transitioning into the enterprise or blockchain tech space where the stakes are higher, you’ll need to understand more than just what buyers are thinking. You’d also need knowledge of what’s going on in their industry or even where and how they’re using their IT budgets. Armed with this information, you can make your sale in language that appeals to them while identifying the criteria they use to measure success and failure. This shows them that you are aware of the situation and issues they face, boosting their confidence in your tech solution being able to meet their needs.

When dealing with enterprise sales, you also need to be clear about the value offered by the software before you can convey this to your customers. On their end, customers will analyse your tech solution’s total cost of ownership. They’ll then arrive at a value measurement before deciding to go through with the sale, or opting for a cheaper alternative.

As you refine your pitch in this way, you also need to get a sense of the problems your technology claims to solve, and how it can be done with the inventory of toolkits that you possess. If your software solution has features that can be deployed to solve these problems, convey this to the customer to sweeten the value proposition.

Even automobile companies today are offering greater customisation options, from the paint coating to the type of leather used in the seats. Likewise, in the B2B space, your software should be tailored to customers’ requirements, and they in turn should be made aware of the options available for them to pick and choose from.

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