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Happiness at Work: Finding Peace and Fulfillment


There is a bigger epidemic sweeping the world. It’s not COVID-19, it’s stress. The world is full of super successful people who unfortunately have more stress than peace in their lives. What do you do when all the fame and fortune in the world are not enough to bring home fulfillment? For an increasing number of professionals, finding the elusive secret to lasting joy and peace is becoming a critical and seemingly unattainable pursuit. Mitsu Doshi shares her journey of finding her purpose and the path to sustained and meaningful happiness.


Mitsu Doshi

Former CFO



Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Why making work joyful will also make you more successful
  • Mindsets and habits to help you deal with stressors in the workplace
  • Why “wanting what you get” is a powerful way to reframe adverse situations


Well-being at Work Balancing Personal & Professional Life