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Getting Teams to Align


No company is immune to change, whether that’s a merger and acquisition, or simply adapting to a new way of working. That said, getting teams to align in the face of change can be a challenge — something that Leon Yeo can attest to. Starting his career at S&P Global where he rose to eventually become the Head of Asia-Pacific, Leon oversaw six acquisitions and played a vital role in integrating teams across different divisions and regions. His top tips to navigate change and bring teams together? Create a culture of effective communication and the foundations of a workplace that walks the talk in embracing diversity in backgrounds, opinions and experiences.


Leon Yeo

Former Chairman and EVP, APAC

Wood Mackenzie


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Effective strategies to communicate and navigate change in the workplace
  • Tips to create the foundations of a diverse work environment
  • How to bridge cultural differences when integrating teams


Developing Teams