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Finding Your Ideal Marketing Mix

Feb 12, 2024 | 7m

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Uncover the optimal marketing channels to reach your target customers
  • Map out an effective marketing funnel strategy
  • Avoid overspending budgets on ineffective channels

Learn From Leaders in Your Space

When entering any new endeavor, it pays to first understand what the leaders in your field are doing. Marketing is no exception. When coming up with a marketing strategy or plan for a client, I generally start with landscape research. I allocate time to identify the list of competitors or companies in the space to understand who could be offering a similar product or service.

To do that, tools like SimilarWeb allow you to analyze the channel mix that’s driving a competitor’s web traffic and engagement. Depending on the channels you’re using - e.g. Meta, TikTok, Youtube etc. - you can utilize the relevant tools to have more transparency on those channels. Always study beyond direct competitors to also learn from adjacent brands targeting similar demographics.

From this research, you want to understand what channels dominate their strategy. Is one channel driving more traffic than another? Some tools you could use for competitor research include Meta ads transparency, or Milled.com for email marketing, for example.This landscape research should inform your own channel priorities and budget allocation. Of course, you should continue optimizing based on your performance data, but let leaders in the space also point you in a promising direction.

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Olga Mozaiska

Founder of Marketing Agency

ex Lazada



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