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Consultative Account Management: Creating Repeat Business

Sep 15 2020 | 10m

Most people think that if a client wants something, your job is just to give them more of what they want. While this attitude may secure you a client, they may not be a returning one, because your approach is a surface solution that may not address their actual needs, wants, and goals at a fundamental level. So, the question remains – how do you turn a client from a one-off sales transaction into a long-term partnership? Sukhdeep Singh is here to tell you just that.


Sukhdeep Singh

Director Of Strategic Partnerships | Former Head of Account Management



Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The key elements that go into consultative client management
  • Why you should focus on the clients you have instead of just looking for new ones
  • The soft skills required to succeed


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