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Building Rapport with Clients as a New CEO or MD


It’s your first day in the shiny CEO or MD seat. How do you reach out to clients effectively and build upon your predecessor’s work to strengthen business relationships? Dheeraj Sinha explains how newly designated top leaders can successfully build rapport with clients with an emphasis on delivering success. To win over clients’ trust, he recommends projecting humility and respect, sticking to positive messaging, and coming prepared with internal and external perspectives on your organization’s relationship with the client.


Dheeraj Sinha

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia, Publicis Business, Publicis Health

Leo Burnett


Gain Actionable Insights To:

  • Why clients will doubt you and how you can overcome it
  • The power of being just a little bit vulnerable
  • How industry familiarity can help or hurt you


Network & Build Relationships