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With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

May 08 2020 | 19m

Imagine this: you are the parent of a teenage daughter. Your little girl receives a letter from a company promoting pregnancy products. You’re furious - but then you find out she is pregnant after all. The company had captured data so accurately it knew about her situation before her family. Sameer Gupta uses this true story as an example of how companies must use data respectfully. He outlines the future of data sharing, personalization, and the fine line between data being used in a way that is useful, versus being creepy.


Sameer Gupta

Chief Analytics Officer

DBS Bank


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The importance of consent in data usage - but where this is not always possible
  • Sameer’s “pure principle” for using customer data respectfully
  • The positives behind our data being collected

Hosted by Nadia JH


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