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We Know the Workforce is Failing Women – It’s Time to Act Now

Mar 8, 2023 | 27m

Why is there this “point of leakage” when women have children? Why is burnout such an issue for working moms? What’s the ideal work structure for busy parents? Sheela Subramanian believes the workforce is failing women. Tune in to hear her solutions based on Future Forum research.

Useful Notes & Resources:

  • 43 percent of desk workers globally report feeling burnt out. And the numbers are highest among women and employees under the age of 30 (Future Forum, Fall 2023)
  • 94 percent of people want schedule flexibility. The desire for flexibility remains strongest among underrepresented groups, including women, working mothers, and people of color (Future Forum, Fall 2023)
  • In case you didn’t catch the name, Sheela quotes Reshma Saujani – founder of Moms First. Her book ‘Pay Up’ is recommended

Hosted by Pippa Woodhead


Sheela Subramanian

Co-Founder & VP, Future Forum




Women Empowerment Psychological Safety For Historically Excluded Groups