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Travel for Confidence, Wellbeing & Healing

May 3, 2024 | 46m

For many of us, annual leave is the highlight of our year - the chance to get away from our normal lives and escape to somewhere new and exciting.

Ash Bhardwaj has managed to make getting away his career. As a travel writer, journalist, broadcaster and author, Ash has travelled all over the globe - as a backpacker, a soldier, on expedition, as part of newspaper commissions and for TV shows. On his journeys he’s met everyone from prime ministers to the Dalai Lama.

In this episode of Tiger Therapy, we explore the emotional side of travel - including travel for healing, the power of sabbaticals, and of course (because this is Tiger Therapy) travel for overcoming self doubt and limiting beliefs.

Ash’s new book - Why We Travel - is out now.


Ash Bhardwaj

Author, Travel Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker



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