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The 6C Formula to Superhero Leadership


Though you may never fly like Superman, wear Iron Man’s armored suit, or travel by web like Spiderman, the superhero worlds of Marvel and DC aren't as far-fetched as you think. Anand Roy argues that these larger-than-life fictional characters have taught him how to be a better leader in the real world, and shares how you can follow the path of your favorite superheroes with the 6C formula to superhero leadership.


Anand Roy

Chief Content Officer



The 6Cs of Superhero Leadership:

  • Communication – why over communication is underrated
  • Clarity – why your success is only possible when you have a clear direction
  • Consistency – why you need to be consistent in your words and actions as a leader
  • Courage – the necessary ingredient for taking those big risks that lead to innovation
  • Compassion – why you should remind yourself that IQ is nothing without EQ
  • Clairvoyance – developing an instinctive understanding of the gaps and opportunities


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