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The 6C Formula to Superhero Leadership

May 26, 2021 | 9m

Though you may never fly like Superman, wear Iron Man’s armored suit, or travel by web like Spiderman, the superhero worlds of Marvel and DC aren't as far-fetched as you think. Anand Roy argues that these larger-than-life fictional characters have taught him how to be a better leader in the real world, and shares how you can follow the path of your favorite superheroes with the 6C formula to superhero leadership.

The 6Cs of Superhero Leadership:

  • Communication – why over communication is underrated
  • Clarity – why your success is only possible when you have a clear direction
  • Consistency – why you need to be consistent in your words and actions as a leader
  • Courage – the necessary ingredient for taking those big risks that lead to innovation
  • Compassion – why you should remind yourself that IQ is nothing without EQ
  • Clairvoyance – developing an instinctive understanding of the gaps and opportunities


Anand Roy

Founder & CEO

Ring Of Fire



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