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Succeeding as a Woman in Tech


Half of the women in tech will leave their jobs before they turn 35 - surprised? Well, guess who isn’t – Maya Hari who has been in the tech industry for over two decades now. Speaking to Alap Bharadwaj, Maya sheds light on the distinctly unique set of challenges women face in the male-dominated tech industry, and how achieving gender equality doesn’t start and stop with meeting diversity quotas.


Maya Hari

Chair of Digital & Technology Committee | Former VP and MD

Aviva Singlife Holding | Twitter


Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Steps tech executives and investors need to take to create a truly inclusive environment
  • How inclusive policies and practices in the workplace can create a more equal society overall
  • Why women must actively choose employers who will help them achieve their career goals

Hosted by Alap Bharadwaj, Managing Partner, Partner Innovation, Google, Asia Pacific


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