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Reach Through Relationships: Work With Influencers

Aug 26, 2019 | 26m

Reaching millions of consumers requires proper attention to managing influencers which many companies fail at doing well. Marek Dawidowicz shows you how to build relationships with influencers, build the right team to work with influencers, and even how you can balance between using a few influencers with a large following as compared to many micro-influencers who have smaller but equally engaged followers.


Marek Dawidowicz

APAC Marketing Director | Former APAC Creator Marketing Lead



Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Whether it really works to engage with influencers at scale
  • Building a team around working with influencers
  • Managing relationships with influencers
  • The best way to measure ROI
  • What the rates are like and how accurate they are

Hosted by Nellie Wartoft


Influencer Marketing