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Pass the Baton: Smooth Leadership Transitions

Sep 30, 2019 | 35m

How do you introduce a new leader to your company and make sure that the transition is smooth? With new leaders causing valuable employees to resign and leave businesses in a mess, it’s vital to handle this transition with care. Allow Noor Quek, CEO of NQ International, to help you to navigate your succession planning and execution with ease.

Episode Overview:

Episode 1 - Selecting the Right Successor: Should you promote top performing staff even if they aren’t ready to be leaders? What should you do when you the person you promoted isn’t performing well in their new role?

Episode 2 - Communicating the Change in Leadership: How should you introduce a new leader so that they are well received by your existing staff? Why do you need to include a picture in the press release of the new leader? How do you manage transitions between generations in a family business?

Episode 3 - Handling the Leadership Transition: What should you do to prepare for a new leader coming onboard? How involved should the current leader be when they are about to leave the organization? How do you prepare your team for a new leader and make a smooth transition?

Hosted by Nellie Wartoft


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