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How “The Iceman” Conquers Self Doubt and Techniques to Master Self Confidence

Feb 22, 2024 | 32m

If you’ve ever had an ice bath, then it’s probably because Wim Hof has turned them from something niche into a global phenomenon. Not only does he regularly submerge himself in icy water, he's run an half marathon above the arctic circle barefoot, scaled Mount Everest in a pair of shorts, ran across the Namibian desert without any water. He in fact holds 26 world records - each sounding more superhuman than the last. “Doing these things has earned me the nickname ‘the iceman’ but I am no superhero.” he says. “I am no genetic freak. I’m not a guru. I do not mention my accomplishments to boast, but as a reminder that there is so much more we are capable of.” In this episode of Tiger Therapy, Wim explains how he is just as prone as anyone to self doubt and limiting beliefs, but he’s learned tools to master his body and his mind - tools that anyone can learn.


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