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FIRE: Smart Habits at 30, Retire at 40

Jun 24, 2019 | 11m

Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) is a journey and not a destination. Of course, while it sounds great to achieve FIRE, how do you actually go about it? Geoffrey Chen, who turned his personal five-figure investments to seven figures, explains how you can attain this and covers why it’s not the wisest decision to dump all your savings from college to make your first property down payment.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • What FIRE is all about and who it’s for
  • Real estate investments and when you should purchase your first home
  • The optimal way of generating highest investment returns and the key mindset to implement in the FIRE journey

Hosted by Regina Zhiyenkulova


Geoffrey Chen

Founder & CEO

Stratosphere Trading



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